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Why you should call me before it is too late…

Over and over again, I meet someone that has some issue on their computer and have worked around it, or they were not frustrated enough to get it fixed. It is always when you need the computer most that you will find that your computer will not behave. Don’t wait that long. Most problems WILL worsen over time. If you wait, it takes more time and will cost you more to fix. Recently, a laptop I worked on had a relatively difficult problem with the Windows 10 desktop, that I was able to solve in under an hour. The way I work is my guarantee. If I don’t fix the problem, I don’t charge you.

I want you to know that the services I offer are simple: I am about helping people. I am about making technology and love of seeing technology work for you. Your path needs to be free of technology roadblocks. When someone doesn’t care, you will pay a lot of money and not get your problem fixed. I find it interesting that when you most need your technology it finds a way to challenge you. Does your computer work well for you or are you having the same issues that everyone finds on their computer? I call myself a TechIntuitive because I am able to get to the root of most problems. I have done just that many times and I can do it for you too.

When you experience the understandable distress of computer glitches, I can be there for you. I know you have a love/hate relationship with your computer, laptop, Mac, printer or desktop. Please don’t be a sucker for the expensive services or pretty tools that sucker you into other costs. Let me take a look.

Now, if you find yourself seeking basic hands-on skills about computers, how they operate, how they can be repaired, I can help you on that journey as well.

About Steven Fried…

I am an expert at solving computer difficulties. Although I primarily serve the spiritual community, I can help anyone in cleaning up, repairing, training, replacement, and any other computer related problems. With over 30 years of computer experience including some important certifications, I’ve been called a computer magician, teacher, and even professor. I teach others to become CompTIA A+ certified at Wake Tech Community College. I CAN help you from anywhere, using several secure remote tools. I accept credit cards through PayPal also. There are too many hidden computer problems that unless you correct them soon, they WILL slow down your system. Call me immediately at 919 606 4690.
I am also Reiki Master, and involved with several studies to help people gain the serenity and peace that is theirs. I am deeply committed to people and making their technology work for them. People, places, animals, things are meant to be left better than when first encountered. I am an esoteric explorer; a continual seeker of experiences in this life. I am physical and spiritual to both mind and heart accepting all life can offer. I aim to live a balanced life using as much of my life as given me. In combining computer technology with spirituality I CAN help everyone meet their spiritual goals through technology.
All of this comes together to single-mindedness for each project as I do them.

I look forward to meeting you and I am grateful for you reading this.





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  • “Steve has worked at Wake Technical Community College as a part-time instructor for over twenty years. He is an excellent instructor and brings passion and caring to his students. He has gotten many wonderful reviews from his students at Wake Technical Community College. He is good at what he does. He keeps up with the latest technology, keeps his certifications updated, and is very good at computer security. I highly recommend him.” -Ernestine Ledbetter (former department head, Wake Tech Community College) 
  • “I tell you, NetProblemSolver (Steven Fried) has done wonderful work for my many laptops.  Whether they simply failed to boot up, or they needed easy – but not easy to me! – changes that made them more functional, Steven has been wonderful!  His approach, should you want it, it to help you learn.  Timely consultations available over the phone, and, should you want, you can tour the Mind Body Spirit Expo and talk about your ideas and computer woes.” – Frank Heitmann 
  • “Steven is the person that you need for any problem with your pc or network. He is a complete pro who will have your computer up and running as quickly and painless as possible. You will not be disappointed.” – Martin Fried 
  • If you need PC or laptop computer help or services, I strongly recommend Steven. He is a professional who puts his customer needs first. Steven will do a great job for you!!” – Bill Anderson 
  • “Steven’s vast experience and attention to detail are what sets his service apart from others.” – Craig Hoffman 
  • “Technically adept, as well as compassionate and empathic. Great individual.” – Mike Welch 
  • “Caring person, and knows his stuff.” – Edie Kantrowitz

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