I urge everyone to be extra careful with all email attachments you may receive.  Especially as we approach the holidays. This is a simple warning. You see, these threats go by many names, and the latest is Ransomware. This is an evil process where your data is held for payment to some unknown source. There is never any guarantee that you will get your data after the payment is made. One of the largest known anti-malware publisher’s Symantec, reports to businesses that “Ransomware has quickly emerged as one of the most dangerous cyberthreats facing both organizations and consumers, with global losses now likely running to hundreds of millions of dollars.”

Please follow these suggestions for your email.
1. Never click on any link inside an email unless you know for sure that the link is legitimate. NO MATTER HOW GOOD IT SOUNDS

2. Never click on a link inside an email even if comes from a friend that you know well. If a user’s email password was compromised, everyone on her contact list will be receiving the same email.

3. Change your email password, different that other passwords. longer than other passwords.

If you want to read more on how businesses could be affected.

Click to access ISTR2016_Ransomware_and_Businesses.pdf

You are not a victim, don’t be taken in.

Very warm regards,
Steven Fried