How can you help me?

I know that you have sat down sometime at your computer and wanted to do work that was vital. That is the time that the computer didn’t work or was slow. That is why I am here and want to help you. You will find that my services will help you make the computer behave. And guess what, with my 30 years of computer experience plus my desire to make your computer work for you I have no doubt that we can get to the bottom of your problem.

Can’t I wait until I can afford you?

My desire is to help you and get your computer running right. You need the computer, whether it is a PC or MAC. I can tell you since I have seen it that if you wait, you will find that it can be very much harder to correct your computer. I charge an easy $50.00 per computer for the first hour, and that it usually all it takes. Don’t Wait.

If you have other questions, just call and talk to me. (919) 606 4690.

How much do you charge?

My fee is typically $50.00 per hour for each computer. However, I offer the guarantee that I did not fix the problem, I won’t charge you. Like most problems, that if you let them wait they get bigger and harder to fix. So clearing out a virus issue or cleaning up damage or configurations can take up to three hours. My suggestion is to contact me quickly. Please don’t let it wait.